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Partner with a company that meets the top financial challenges by building and supplying
low-cost turn-key solutions.

Integrated Benefits Provider LLC consultants' expertise is used to build and provide consumer protection plans that offer a safety net to unexpected expenses. With relevant products and low-cost turn-key solutions, we are able to deliver solutions that match our partners' needs.  We build partnerships with auto dealers, professional arena, associations, small and medium-size employers as well individuals.

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  • Increase retention of employees and members

  • Mitigate the risks of high financial stressors for employees and members

  • Choose from over 120 service options of the top benefits providers empowers you to pick the best solutions

  • Provider toolbars and client portals put your benefits program at your fingertips to drive the best outcomes for you and your customers and members

  • Turnkey Process to minimize administration time

Medical Team
Doctor and Patient


Integrated Benefits Providers, LLC partners with associations and companies to find you the benefits that will allow you to breathe easier.  What can we help you with?


Save on car rentals, towing, key replacement, locksmiths, auto repair, deductible reimbursement, vacations, legal advice, and more.  

Inflation is driving cost up everywhere and benefits are being cut as people work to afford what they think is their only option.  Unlike insurance, our negotiated benefits programs offer added extras like deductible reimbursement, trip reimbursement, towing reimbursement, car rental discounts, and more.


Save on dental, teledentistry, vision, LASIK, telehealth, hearing, prescription drug, diabetic supplies, checkups, chiropractic care, medical imaging, x-ray, cosmetic surgery, laboratory services, and more. 

High deductibles, high max out of pocket, high prescription cost, and sometimes unaffordable and unattainable coverage (even for part-time employees) doesn’t have to be the norm.  IBP provides supplemental coverages that are discounted contractually instead of risk-assessed pricing in groups like insurance.  This is not an insurance product but equally beneficial to employees as individuals can afford our coverages by providing useful benefits to financial stressors and increasing retention of employees/members.

Working Together


We private label standard or customer packages to our wholesale partners who in turn market and sell to their clients.  These services offer retention and guarantee the client will never forget you, will return for more business, and be a continued client.  In addition, it adds a service item to your sales platform that both makes you profit and offers residual income.  Best of all the consultation and summary to design your program is NO CHARGE.   

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